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Superswag - Swagbucks bot with OCR Support!

  • Download: SuperSwag


    This will earn you credits on swagbucks. One of Rogue Labs top bots, this swagbuck bot will generate you points without the need to interact with swagbucks. Some try offering swagbucks hack but this will do it a legitimate way and your account will be safe. Make money botting online!

    Free Features:
    - Search the web
    - Daily Poll
    - SwagCodes
    - NOSO
    - Games
    -Toolbar TV
    - Custom Settings
    - OCR Solves Most Search Captchas

    Supporter Features:
    - Videos
    - Discover

    VIP Features:
    - Secret method to earn much more a month



    • .NET 4.5​
    • C++ 2012 Redistribution​
    • Daily Goal Must be activated​
    • Google Chrome installed​

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  1. Dustin
    I'm a supporter, and I think this is an awesome concept. But I'm having some problems. I'm not getting any points from TV or toolbar videos. It says it's doing the toolbar, I'm just not getting points from it. It's not doing TV at all. It opens the page it clicks the videos but then it says oops this video got away every time. I downloaded this last night around 10 or 11 and so far I've only gotten 9 Swagbucks. I was at least hoping to make my $8.99 back for the month :) Can you give me some pointers Randy? [edit:] I mean get my $8.99 back from Swagbucks for the month that I have super swag. I'm trying it again tonight. So far it's been 45 minutes and TV is staying on loading browser, search is working, daily is staying on waiting on code, game never works, it stays on waiting. I'm not complaining just letting you know what mine is doing. Thanks man.
    1. Randydrew6
      I am always able to help you debug any issues you have, make sure you are running this on a real PC and not a VPS or a VM because right now with swagbucks ad scripts the bot will need very good specs to run flawlessly due to cpu spikes and ram leaks on their end. I am willing to work with you on this just contact me on Facebook and I can teamview into your PC to find the issue. Thank you!
      Randydrew6, Mar 20, 2018 at 4:30 AM
  2. nizam
    sir what is captcha credits bot has stoped at 40 percent............
    please suggest me what to do
    1. Randydrew6
      buy a membership or captcha credits on this site
      Randydrew6, Mar 20, 2018 at 4:28 AM
  3. Demonator
    If I got a single board computer to run this bot, could i get several to run the bot on several swagbucks accounts? or would it work just fine to run it all on the same swagbucks account? Or would i just get instantly banned for having ten "individuals" all named the same thing in the same household?
    1. Randydrew6
      Never ever run more than 1 swagbucks account, if you run more than one you will not be able to cashout
      Randydrew6, Mar 15, 2018
    2. Randydrew6
      Just run 1 bot, anymore would be pointless and again increase your chance of a ban or unable to redeem
      Randydrew6, Mar 15, 2018
  4. Demonator
    alright not really about the bot but if i buy vip will it last to the end of the month or 30 days? so like if i bought it today would i lose it April 1st or April 12th?
    1. Randydrew6
      it lasts one month not until the end of the month
      Randydrew6, Mar 12, 2018
  5. Bonny Tomolovski
    I downloaded the file and extracted, but there is no file that says Superswag exe,..what should I do? thank you
    1. jwilde35
      check your antivirus and whitelist the bot exe or folder
      jwilde35, Mar 12, 2018
    2. Randydrew6
      Most likely your antivirus like jwilde35 said, the obfuscator I use will be marked as a virus by a lot of antiviruses. Try making an exception for that bots folder. I am working on a way around this.
      Randydrew6, Mar 12, 2018
  6. PayingOffMyCreditCard
    I just downloaded the file and extracted it but the extracted file doesn't contain the Super Swag exe. The other option I tried was downloading the application through the compressed file but (obvious reasons) I get a warning that for the app to run well, I need to extract first. Also, my computer is blocking the app from running that way because it thinks it's a threat "trojan". What should I do?
    1. Randydrew6
      You'd need to find out what is marking it as a trojan and set an exception for the bots folder
      Randydrew6, Mar 11, 2018
  7. Demonator
    is there any chance you can add a button for captchaless things, at the moment i cannot afford membership or captchas and would love the choice to not need 2captcha
    1. Randydrew6
      I'd rather not just because of how cheap it is. It would be a lot of work just to save people maybe $1 a year.
      Randydrew6, Mar 11, 2018
  8. leanlean7444
    So i am trying to use the bot but if i open up the zip, extract it and then try to run the superswag.exe it just disappears. what is happening?
    1. George Lopez
      disavble av or whitelist ap
      George Lopez, Feb 12, 2018
    2. leanlean7444
      it also says i do not have permission to open it, and did i mention i never have a single anti virus on unless im scanning my computer the one time i do a month
      leanlean7444, Feb 12, 2018
    3. Randydrew6
      You must have some kind of antivirus you don't know about or it wouldnt just delete itself, the bot cant do that
      Randydrew6, Feb 13, 2018
  9. Demonator
    Alright so I'm not capable of buying premium yet but when I do, do I need to disable my antivirus. Also do I just download the normal bot that is above the comment section and itll identify if im premium based on the account login or will I need to download a different bot sorta thing.
    1. Randydrew6
      correct, once you are a supporter or a vip member it will log you in with the corresponding version
      Randydrew6, Feb 7, 2018
  10. jpsmith76
    Hey Randy! Don't know much about the bot writing process, but was just curious if you could add another section to SS that fakes a mobile user agent and watches the mobile videos/ads. I just cranked up EntertaiNow on my iPad, fired it up, and it's just plugged in and doing its own thing.

    Getting 2SB every so many videos, and doesn't need any interaction from me.

    Just a thought.
    1. Randydrew6
      isnt it just exactly the same as the watch section?
      Randydrew6, Jan 24, 2018
    2. jpsmith76
      Not exactly. They count them separate in earnings. “Mobile Watch: EntertaiNow Bonus” and every so many videos it gives you two SB. It can run at the same time as the SuperSwag watch. So, it’s kinda the same, but earns its own sb.
      jpsmith76, Jan 24, 2018
      Randydrew6 likes this.
    3. Randydrew6
      i can't seem to get this btw
      Randydrew6, Mar 11, 2018