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New Showcase Comments

  1. b35773
    I'm running four brand-new accounts using US-based dedicated proxies with multithreading enabled and set to 4 threads on a beastly desktop pc. At the end of each of the past four days I have returned home to see an error (no error code) saying...
  2. kid1490
    Where can i buy a vps that work with this bot? I have a vps from greencloud but it seems that all bots cant run in those servers
  3. ElJefe
    Setup freezes on me every time I've tried to run the application. Could there be something causing the issue? It's had constant connection to the internet, via ethernet. I've had the resources free, albeit unless it needs a lot, as I'm working...
  4. kid1490
    I see that you can put multiple accounts, is safe to put more than 1 acc with a single ip?
  5. kid1490
  6. kid1490
  7. kid1490
    i create an acc and jsut get banned lol, there is a safe way to create an acc?
  8. kid1490
    where can i see the secret method now that im vip? xD
  9. Alfrendo
    Is there a guide on how many Games / TV recommended ?
  10. RGBKittens
    how much is this supposed to earn per day? every time i try to let it run it gets like 11sb a day. used to get me about 100-200 daily
  11. rshacker13
    Hi, I'm new here, are there any procedures needed to be done for this to work? I've left this running overnight but still my balance stayed the same.
  12. oscar2334
    Does anyone have issues loading the bot, the bot stop at setup:40% Complete and no other error message. EDIT: NVM, I deleted the old setting file and run the bot again so it create a new setting file, now it is working fine.
  13. zoghpy
    why every time i run the bot my playlist videos disappear and have to wait the next day and when i run again it disappear again any solve for that .
  14. Triguy3
  15. schnebi
    Where can I get C++ 2012 Redistribution... Link on Microsoft HP isn't working
  16. George Lopez
  17. jshepp
    I am able to watch videos on the browser but when I load the bot it doesn't watch the videos. I have tried chrome and it sticks on the watch homepage and then reloads, and when I tried firefox on the bot it watches one playlist and then stops....
  18. dragonlayouts
    Hello, May I ask if this is normal ? [SPOILER] I don't see the viewability, but the video is playing, I also notice that the flash player is blocked in chrome, whatever I do, it seems that chrome always blocking it, the video is also playing in...
  19. Stimpak
    Just notice this and the other bots are only for Windows. Guess I'll have to make Java alternatives for Android.
  20. George Lopez
    not sure if glitch app seems working but nothing on progress bar...
  21. George Lopez
    take roughly 1hr 20min to complete platinum of 250 clicks at default settings
  22. soapy
    I am still have the issue with gh bot not recognizing captcha is solved. I am using the most recent 1.8.1 version of bot. 64bit Chrome 58.0.3029.110. Note I have noticed, once the bot solves the captcha, I wait 5-10 seconds then refresh the...
  23. George Lopez
    can we design for other ptc sites they all seem be based off same scripts
  24. George Lopez
    4.8.9 perfect makes bing acct fine now Last improvement needed the ability to use different browser (edge since earns more pts if use it)